Performance Oils & Additives

With a complete product range that consists of over 350 different lubricants, MPM’s product range covers 99% of worldwide car fleets. All produced to the highest level of quality, MPM lubricants are composed entirely in accordance with car manufacturers’ mandatory specifications. The automotive market is constantly changing and updating with new technologies and legislation, MPM provides the most up to date lubricants ensuring customers have the very best in performance whilst remaining compliant.

Features & Benifits:

  • Lastest specification oils
  • Covers 99% of the car parc
  • Marine oil line available
  • Cost effective quality
  • Additives and cleaners available


SES are the exclusive supplier to MPM Oils in the South of England

Available products

  • Premium petrol & diesel engine oils
  • Performance engine oils Classic engine oils
  • Manual & auto gearbox & transmission oils
  • Steering & suspension oils & fluids
  • Hydraulic & jack oils
  • Antifreeze & Coolants
  • Petrol & Diesel fuel treatments & additives
  • DPF cleaner Radiator flush & radiator stop leak

Available products

  • 2 & 4 stroke motorcycle oils
  • Motorcycle fork oil
  • Chain Spray

Available products

  • Inboard & outboard 2 & 4 stroke marine engine oils
  • Propeller shaft grease
  • PTFE grease
  • Marine gear oil

Available products

  • Compressor oil
  • Chainsaw oil
  • Demineralised Water
  • Brake Cleaner
  • Instant Gasket pressure packs